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Updates | 29th July 2020

WATCH - See our new look activities finder

A new look for the activity finder and PDF programme downloads, join Livia from our Programme team for a quick tour of the new features.

Updates | 29th July 2020

WATCH - Back to Basics: An introduction to virtual meetings

A webinar from Barclay's Digital Eagles about how to run virtual meetings and keep everyone engaged. 

Updates | 28th July 2020

WATCH - Activity ideas for Scouts and Explorers

Hear from Scout and Explorer leaders about activities that have worked well online.

Blogs | 28th July 2020

The Digital Transformation of our website

The Digital Transformation of our website throughout 2020.

Blogs | 24th July 2020

Let’s talk about death

Many people would rather go through life ignoring it, but in talking more about death, we can be better equipped to deal with it. We talk to an expert and embark on a journey around the world to find out how we might be better at death while we’re still living.