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Blog | 16 December 2020

5 volunteers tell us what they’ve been doing since restarting face-to-face Scouts


The world’s thrown plenty of challenges at us recently, but that hasn’t stopped some groups getting back together. We caught up with some volunteers to find out what it’s been like for them.

‘We’ve lit fires and cooked simple food, invested new Explorers, played socially distanced games (like rhythm master and table football), been on a night hike around our local area, and played a wide game. Next, we’ll be holding a Unit Forum to decide on our name, and we’re also going to try an escape room.’ - Andy, District Explorer Scout Commissioner at Draco Explorer Scout Unit

‘As soon as face-to-face was announced, we were there. We’ve done hikes, whittling, map work, obstacle courses, tomahawk throwing, fire lighting and cooking so far. To be fair, other than social distancing, risk assessments and extra care, things haven’t changed much. Scouts and Leaders are back and having FUN!’ - Paula, Scout leader at 1st Ferring Sea Scouts.

‘We’re keeping it all outside and this weekend we’re doing our Expedition (not camping, but all the rest). So far it’s challenging but OK. The smaller groups mean that we get to do age specific things – like expedition stuff with the older ones, fun shorter hikes and outdoors-y stuff with the younger ones. Social distancing is a challenge for them but we're getting there. I'm lucky to have a very competent fellow leader (Jenny) and assistant, as well as helpful parents.’ - Gina, Scout leader at 1st Wotton under Edge

‘Since we’ve been back face-to-face, the young people have been taking part in backwoods cooking, archery, and rifle shooting. We even got a shout out on Radio 2 for our return! We’ve put together a programme until the end of the year to encourage interest and commitment and we now have 29 of our 30 Scouts attending. Returning face-to-face required a commitment to do things differently, with more preparation – but it was the right thing for us leaders and the young people and we’ve had super support from parents and our group. We’ve had one Zoom meeting since we restarted due to bad weather, but have a beach hike planned for next week’ - Richard, Scout leader at 14th Lowestoft

We know that not everyone can restart face-to-face Scouts, including those who have extra restrictions in their area. Caroline, Scout leader at 4th Kenilworth, told us:

‘Due to the restrictions of our meeting place and the size of our Troop, we’ve stuck with Zoom meetings. We’ve done a fitness challenge and a map night and this week is astronomy. We use the breakout rooms for 10-20 minutes so smaller groups can have a discussion and I send out any supporting documents (like the maps) in my weekly email before the meetings.’

For more ideas of things to do with your section (whether you’re meeting online, outdoors or indoors at a distance) check out our programme support pages for each section. For purely online ideas, make sure you take a look at the new 6 week online programme of press-play-and-go videos. 

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