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Update | 18 August 2020

WATCH - How to use Zoom for your volunteer meetings

Webinar | Delivered 11 August 2020 | Led by Barclays' Digital Eagles

A webinar from our friends Barclay's Digital Eagles about how to use Zoom.

This webinar will teach you how to use the following functions:

  • Schedule/start meetings
  • Manage participants
  • Control audio and video
  • Use live chat
  • Meeting security
  • Share screen and content
  • Breakout groups

If you're not sure about whether Zoom is right for you, check out the video about how to use Google Meet. Alternatively, if you'd like to know more about running virtual meetings and how to keep people engaged, watch this webinar from Barclay's Digital Eagles

Want to see the rest of our webinars?

We've held a fair few webinars over the last few months to support each other in rapidly changing circumstances. Head over to our Vimeo showcase where you'll find them all in once place.

Head over to Vimeo >
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