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UK Rep Pool

The UK Rep Pool is a collection of 18-25-year olds from around the UK who are trained to represent the UK Scout Association at events in the UK and abroad.

 These events vary from the conferences, seminars and workshops mentioned on the website and may be for a day or more. The UK Rep Pool then ensure that the learning and inspiration from these events is brought back to the relevant teams of volunteers at UK level as well as sections they may be involved in locally.

As a Rep Pool Member, you'll be expected to attend a training day once a year and keep up to date with the Rep Pool on various calls to understand what is currently going on in World Scouting, feedback from any events you've attended to the rest of the group and learn from any lessons learnt from other members who have attended events. Typically, members can also be asked to help feed into other pieces of work being done by other working groups within the UK. 

Due to the nature of the work, we don't always know what events will be coming up. Therefore, we can't guarantee that Rep Pool members will be able to attend an event, but hope at the very least it will be an interesting insight into World Scouting.

The UK Rep Pool is for 18-25’s with an initial term of one year, that may be extended to two years depending on age and level of involvement. This is to ensure we are able to offer the experience to as many individuals as possible whilst also maintaining a number of experienced volunteers for any last-minute events during the handover period. 

For those aged 24, we're only able to offer a term of one year due to the Rep Pool being designated for 18-25’s.


As restrictions ease, and some events return to being in person, we realise this may mean different things for different people. As a leadership team, we've sought to outline some detail on this below.

Currently, we;re expecting to host an in person training day in late spring for the UK Rep Pool which'll follow the latest COVID-19 guidance from the UK Government and Scouts. We encourage everyone to attend in person, where possible. Should restrictions change detrimentally, the event will be moved online.

For international events that the UK Rep Pool typically look to attend, such as The Academy, European and World Conferences, MOVIS, Agora, we ask members that put themselves forward for an event, to be willing to meet the entry requirements of the host country when travelling. We also ask members attending events in-person to be mindful of other attendees and their approaches to handling COVID-19.

However, we don't require UK Rep Pool members put themselves forward to attend in-person events. A number of online opportunities are expected to occur which will hopefully cater to members less comfortable with travelling.

Recruitment for UK International Rep Pool

Are you up for the challenge?

We're looking for volunteers who:

  • Are reliable, committed to supporting UK Scouting and WOSM’s mission and willing to act as an ambassador for UK Scouts
  • Are personable, willing to learn new things and meet new people
  • Flexible and adaptable – the unexpected happens!
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