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Windsor - how to attend - Lower Ward spectators

As well as award holders and their guests, all Scouts members are invited to be part of this distinguished day.

If you're a member and apply for tickets in advance, you can watch the Parade as it moves from the Quadrangle down the Lower Ward and into St George's Chapel. Once the Parade has passed, you can take part in the National Scout Service, as it's relayed over a PA system to the crowds outside.

After the service, watch the Parade march out of the Castle as the Queen's Scouts and King's Scouts make their way back to Mews Road.

Unfortunately, there'll likely be more award holders than usual at the 2023 event, due to the pandemic which halted the event in 2020 and 2021. As a result, Lower Ward tickets for the Day of Celebration and Achievement in 2023 will not be available. However, we hope to bring back this aspect of the event for future years.