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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Spectacular activities that get spooky when the sun goes down. 25 - 27 October 2024 at Gilwell Park.

Scarefest returns...

One of Scout Adventures' most popular events makes a return from 25 - 27 October 2024 at Gilwell Park.

Spectacular activities that get spooky when the sun goes down, fantastic fireworks and horror mazes make this a weekend Scouts and Explorers won't want to miss. 

Bookings open now!

Young people

Tickets prices are:

  • £48.00 for the weekend, with arrival on Friday night
  • £40.00 for the weekend with arrival on Saturday

Tickets include access to all activities and camping.


All accompanying adults will be charged £5 for the weekend.


All tickets include a Scarefest 2024 badge, which you'll collect at check-in.


Make your trip hassle-free by adding catering. £6.50 per breakfast or lunch/per person, and £12.00 per dinner/per person.

Gilwell Park will open from 13:00 on Friday for arrivals. There'll be a one-way system in operation with areas marked for parking and drop-off. Entry to Gilwell Park will be via the Branchet Field back gate. 

All vehicles will be parked on-site, and our Traffic Management team will be there to help you. Please follow signage and their directions, and most importantly, do be patient with us.

To save time and resources, we won't be using paper parking permits this year. We'll collect vehicle registrations ahead of the event, both for security and in case we need to get hold of you.

There'll also be a drop-off/pick-up area available - the driver will need to stay with the vehicle. 

If you have accessibility needs, please let our Traffic Management team know on arrival and they'll work with you to find a suitable parking space.

We'll run a shuttle bus service from Chingford Station to Gilwell Park throughout the weekend. Details will be confirmed nearer to the event.

  • There may be a significant walk to your camping pitch, so please pack accordingly. We recommend larger, combined bags for fewer trips.
  • The peak arrival time is between 16:00 – 21:00 on Friday. During this time we’ll move thousands of people and equipment, so please be patient with us! We’ll only finish working when everyone is in the right place.
  • The centre is likely to appear chaotic (in reality it’s a highly orchestrated and well-practiced manoeuvre!), so please follow these instructions and listen to our Traffic Management team carefully.
  • We will refuse entry to vehicles without a parking permit; and where vehicles are causing an obstruction or are incorrectly parked, we may tow these out of the way without the owner’s express permission.

Check-in will be located at Scout Adventures reception, open from 13:00 on Friday.

Only your group leader needs to come to check in. They'll collect your group's wristbands and badges. The rest of your group can wait in the picnic area. 

You must check in as soon as you arrive and before starting any activities. Young people won't be able to access activities without their wristband. 

If you have an outstanding balance on your booking, please be ready to pay by card. Unfortunately, we're unable to accept cash or cheque.

The activity programme will run from Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime. 

We'll be joined by a host of partners and activity providers, alongside Scout Adventures led activities, suitable for Scouts and Explorers.

We'll tease you with more details as we get closer to the date, but some highlights from previous years include horror mazes, spectacular fireworks, Halloween games, high ropes and inflatables. 

Some of our most popular activities may have restrictions to allow everyone to take part and to prevent large queues. Unfortunately, adults won't be able to take part in activities unless required to do so for safety reasons. 

Scarefest is a camping event. All pitches are allocated first-come first-served, so you may not end up in the same location if you’ve been before.

Please make sure you speak to our Camping Space team before pitching, or they might have to ask you to move if you end up somewhere you’re not meant to be.

Please keep your camp size to a minimum to help us fit everyone in. Please don’t erect fences or save space for others arriving later, as we fill areas in a phased manner before opening new ones.

Please keep paths, marked emergency access and any other zones closed off or signposted clear. Leave a distance of 1 m clear between tents, and 3 m around caravans, buildings and toilet blocks for emergencies and servicing.

Attendee vehicles will not be allowed onto campsites at any times and all gates will be closed.

To ensure everyone has an enjoyable stay, please remember the following:

  • Everyone’s welcome at Scouts – be respectful of other people around you.
  • Don’t walk through other people’s pitches and respect their privacy.
  • Washing up should be done in outdoor sinks or at your campsite, not inside toilet blocks.
  • Please report any damage or other issues at reception so we can make it safe or fix it.
  • Please respect the centre by using the bins and leaving facilities as you found them.
  • Generators should be positioned to reduce fumes and noise affecting others.
  • Quiet hours on camping fields are from 22:30 until 07:30. Please turn off generators and avoid disturbing others.

We strongly advise you to review your fire risk assessment and bring suitable firefighting equipment with you (e.g. a fire blanket and extinguisher) as appropriate. Here are some tips to reduce the risk:

  • Open fires and BBQs are not permitted due to the nature of the event, and our current hot, dry weather.
  • Camping stoves with cartridges must not be changed inside tents or near naked flames.
  • All gas bottles should be kept outside of tents and away from naked flames.
  • Any cooking equipment should be placed away from any canvas or other flammable materials.
  • Gas pipes and regulators should be checked regularly.
  • All areas should be kept tidy and free of combustible materials.
  • Fuel must be stored safely and in containers no larger than 5 litres. Fuel containers should be stored in a ventilated metal box capable of holding the contents in the event of a leak or spillage.
  • A fire extinguisher should be located next to every generator.

There are a few simple things that you can do to help keep you and others safe during the event:

  • If you see anything you think might be a hazard, please report it to a member of staff or at Scout Adventures reception. Be conscious of your own wellbeing and safety, and look out for others. 
  • Complete a risk assessment for your own camping area and equipment, especially cooking equipment.
  • Be prepared! If you're walking around after dark, take a torch. 

Pre-booked catering will be provided by our Scout Adventures team in our newly-refurbished Adventure Kitchen, located in the CIC building. 

The menu and meal times will be available soon. 

Just so you know - it is subject to change due to availability of ingredients and so on. Although we'll have plenty of food for everyone, all of our food is prepared fresh and some options may run out if they're popular. 

You'll need to bring your ticket barcode with you (on a phone or printed is fine) to be able to access each meal. 

Our caterers are only able to cater for allergies and the dietary requirements you selected when booking your meals. We are not able to provide for preferences or tastes.  

Scout Adventures reception will be open throughout the weekend for anything you need. We'll also have a Lost Child point and First Aid point. 

We'll have additional welfare and safeguarding resources available during the event, but volunteers are responsible for the young people in their care.

Please ensure all adults are familiar with the Young People First code (Yellow Card).

A charging point for mobility scooters and medical equipment will be available, as well as a fridge for any medication that needs to be kept cool.

It's really helpful to ensure that young people have their group name along with their group contact's mobile number so we can locate them as quickly as possible if we need to. 

Please wear your wristband throughout the event. Keep it friendly if someone asks to see yours - everyone is entitled to check.

This helps us to identify who, and more importantly who shouldn't, be on-site. 

If you lose a wristband, please make your way to the help point and we'll replace it for you.

The centre is 108 acres of open land with a public footpath and various access points. Please remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to a member of staff.

Keep valuables at home if you can, and keep anything you do bring in-sight or on your person.

Our on-site shop, The Providore, will be selling small souvenirs, gifts, sweets, cold drinks etc.

We'll be looking at other catering providers for snacks and treats, but you'll need to bring your meals with you if you haven't pre-booked catering.

We're hoping to have merchandise available to buy from Scout Store. We'll have more information soon.

A Scarefest 2024 badge is included with your ticket, and will be available to collect at check-in. 

No pets, other than assistance animals, are permitted in the centre.

Smoking is not permitted in front of young people, and only in designated smoking areas. No alcohol is permitted at the event.

Bins are located across all areas of the centre. Please help us to recycle by putting dry, clean mixed recyclables into the large green bins; and any other waste in the black bins or litter bins.

Toilets will be cleaned regularly by our team, and hand soap and toilet roll will be provided. Accessible toilets are available.

There are no fridges or freezers available to store food and drink.

Please be considerate of others' wishes when taking photos. No drones may be flown over Gilwell Park without express written permission from the event management team.

Most networks give good signal at Gilwell Park, and WI-FI is available across much of the centre.

Gilwell Park will return to hosting other groups on the Monday after Scarefest, so please help us give a good impression of Scouts by leaving your pitch and other areas of the centre you use as you found them.

The majority of our event staff are volunteers who have given up their time to make your visit to Gilwell Park safe and enjoyable. Please keep the Scouts values in mind when interacting with others. We have a zero-tolerance approach to any type of abuse – you will be removed from the centre and details shared with your Lead Volunteer and/or the police.

We expect the majority of attendees to depart from 13:00 after the  programme ends. We kindly ask you to depart Gilwell Park by 15:00. 

Again, there'll be a one-way system in place with vehicles exiting via the Main Drive. There'll be a pick-up area accessed via the Branchet Field back gate. 

If you need a hand
Scout Adventures reception will be open throughout the weekend, clearly sign-posted and marked on the map. You’ll find staff wearing Scout Adventures uniform or an event staff necker.

For emergencies or urgent out-of-hours help, contact the Duty Manager on 0788 576 5074.

Lost children

We'll have a Lost Child point, with staff trained to take appropriate action to reunite them as quickly as possible.

First Aid
First Aid will be available throughout the weekend. 

Defibrillators are located in the staff car park and at Wilson Way car park. The code to access these is available from the Duty Manager or the ambulance service.

In the event of an emergency

  • Immediately inform a member of staff. They will take appropriate action and call for help.
  • Follow all directions issued by staff.
  • All calls for emergency services should be made by the Duty Manager (0788 576 5074), except where a delay would be life-threatening.

Discovery of a fire

  • Activate the fire alarm or use a fire bell if present and warn people in the area.
  • Try to control small fires using fire buckets or an appropriate extinguisher until help arrives. Don’t put yourself at risk – if in doubt, leave it alone.
  • Evacuate the area immediately.

In the event of a terror attack
In the event of a terrorist attack, follow the government run, hide, tell advice.

  • RUN to a place of safety. This is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate. If there’s nowhere to go, then…
  • HIDE It’s better to hide than to confront. Remember to turn your phone to silent and turn off vibrate. Barricade yourself in if you can. Then finally and only when it is safe to do so…
  • TELL the police by calling 999.

Centre evacuation

In the event of a full evacuation of the centre, staff will marshal you to the chosen Assembly Point using the safest route. Follow their instructions and do not leave the centre until instructed.  

Have a look at our last Scarefest in 2019!

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Bookings open now!

Bookings are now open for Scarefest 2024!

Book now

Volunteer with us

Greeters, face painters, tea makers and activity leaders. Our events wouldn't happen without fantastic volunteers giving up their time. Volunteer staff applications for Fundays will open early next year.

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