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Cubs Our World Challenge Award

Cubs Our World Challenge Award

Discover a whole world of cultures and traditions, right on your doorstep.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Create a community map.

    What services are there? Where are they? Who are they for? Try and visit one of these services if possible.

  2. As a Pack, identify and complete an activity that benefits your local community.

    How did it help others? How did the activity help you? What could you do next?

  3. Take part in an act of worship, reflection or celebration.
  4. Find out about a faith or culture you are not familiar with.

    You could visit a place of worship or a cultural centre in your local community. 

  5. Talk about a time when you did your best.

    Explain how you have kept your Cub Promise and the Law.

  6. Take part in an activity about the environment.
  7. Play a game that Cubs play in another country and learn their Promise.
  8. Celebrate a festival from another country or culture.

    You could celebrate Holi with a colour party, Brazilian carnival by making masks, or Diwali by making ginger ladoo sweets. 


  • The different versions of the Cub Scout Promise are a great way to start thinking about faith. You could find out about key beliefs, places of worship, special things people do, and food.
  • Why not combine requirements four and eight, and celebrate a festival from the faith or culture you’re not familiar with?

September 2018.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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