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Cubs Athletics Activity Badge

Cubs Athletics Activity Badge

Athletics badge

Run! Jump! Throw! Whichever sport you decide to have a go at, this badge is about trying your best and improving as you practice.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Take part in a proper warm-up and cool down routine, using all the main muscle groups.

    A suitable adult, Young Leader or Scout will need to lead the routine.

    1. Warm up routine
    2. Cool down routine
  2. Explain the best clothes to wear for athletics and how to be safe.
  3. Take part in one of these throwing activities:
    1. Throw a football or similar ball as far as you can. Do one using a chest push and another as an overhead throw.
    2. Throw three beanbags into a bucket. Try to increase the distance each time.
    3. Throw a tennis or cricket ball as far you can. Do one overarm throw and another underarm throw.
  4. Take part in two of these running activities and try your best:
    1. shuttle run 6 x 10 m
    2. 50 m skip with a rope
    3. 50 m sprint
    4. 25 m sack race
    5. 25 m egg and spoon race
    6. 400 m run
  5. Take part in one of these team activities:
    1. 4 x 100 m relay
    2. team assault course
    3. assisted blindfold race
  6. Do one of these jumps and go as far or as high as you can:
    1. sargent jump
    2. standing jump
    3. high jump
    4. long jump

February 2024.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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