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Beavers Thistle Award

Beavers Thistle Award

The Thistle Awards provide a focus on Scotland, it’s people, and culture — whilst being fun and challenging for young people.

Complete eight tasks, with at least two from each section.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Outdoor and adventure
    1. Go on a haggis hunt.
    2. Join in an activity with another Colony or your Cub Pack.
    3. Complete a Nights Away experience.
    4. Adapt two of your colony's favourite games to learn about Scotland.
    5. Visit a local landmark and learn some interesting facts about it.
    6. Learn some traditional Scottish playground games.
  2. Skills
    1. Learn a Scottish song or dance.
    2. Draw a poster of all things Scottish. This could be done individually or as a group. Talk about why you think they represent Scotland.
    3. Design a Tartan or Coat of Arms for your family.
    4. Find out about Scottish inventors and their inventions. Consider what life would be like without their invention.
    5. Make up a story using Scots words.
    6. Make a model of Nessie or a famous Scottish landmark or building.
  3. World
    1. Learn about local landmarks and find them on a map.
    2. Learn about some local customs or food. How about trying some of these.
    3. Use Scots or Gaelic to play a game or create a picture.
    4. Invite someone from your community to talk to you. This could be a member of the emergency services or local charity.
    5. Go on a nature walk and then participate in a Log Chew to talk about what you saw.
    6. Learn where Scotland is in the world and about the size of Scotland compared to other countries.

September 2019.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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