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Resources to help you implement change locally

Check out our useful resources for support with communicating and implementing change

Volunteer Experience Presentation Tools

These resources have been designed to help you to communicate change in your local areas and are updated regularly. For more detailed information about the changes, please visit the relevant webpages signposted on this page. 

Understanding the changes to volunteer experience

We've created a selection of videos to help you understand the changes to volunteer experience. 

You can also head to the Team Descriptions webpage for an overview of the key principles, team descriptions, changes to how we volunteer and work in teams.

These are being shared here to help Transformation Leads plan how to implement this fresh approach to volunteering in the future. Finalised team descriptions will be shared later in 2023.

View the volunteer experience videos

Change support resources

These resources include our 4-Steps of Change model along with tips and information on how you can support changes in your area.

Online tools

Basecamp resources

These resources are from our Basecamp event in May 2022 when we first shared the volunteer experience changes. Please use and adapt these resources as appropriate for planning, events and presentations in your area.

Please note that these resources are from May 2022, and so some information may have changed or been updated since then. Please refer to the volunteer experience resources on this page and the information from your Transformation Lead calls for the latest information.

Monthly online meetings

Register for upcoming meetings and watch recordings from previous calls.

Meeting registration and recordings

Frequently asked questions

Check out our answers to some common questions you may be asked. You can also share any other questions you may need support in answering and we'll try to provide a response.

View the FAQs