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Race Equity Adviser

Yousif Eltom

Yousif is currently the manager of the Muslim Scout Fellowship (MSF) Active Support Unit and UK Race Equity Adviser, having previously been a member of our Operations Committee and Inclusivity Advisory Group.

During his time as manager of MSF, Yousif has led a team of dedicated volunteers to grow scouting in the Muslim Community from 800 members in 2011 to over 6000 in 2021. This has mainly been through engaging with the Muslim community, local scouting volunteers and the Regional Services Team ( RST) to ensure sustainable scouting provision exists for young Muslims.

Yousif has also been appointed the project sponsor for the Scouts' race equity project and will lead the project board and work closely with all members of the UK Leadership team to succeed in our ambition to open up Scouting to young people and adults from all backgrounds. Yousif is a group process improvement manager for a national food company. 

Yousif Eltom smiling at the camera while wearing a navy Scouts polo shirt and stripy scarf