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Welcome conversation checklist

A handy checklist to help you remember the key elements of the welcome conversation

This information should support what is being shared in local briefings and meetings with your local Transformation Leads and leadership teams. Work with your Transformation Leads to plan how and when you will make these changes locally.

You can start delivering welcome conversations at the point your County/Area/Region (Scotland) transitions to the new digital system, in 2024. 

This is to be used by welcome conversation volunteers alongside Team Leaders to share with the new volunteer during the welcome conversation. It’s to be used by both of you together, to make sure both of you are happy that all points have been covered, and the new volunteer knows what information they should be expecting to go through. It is a conversation guide.

Use this webpage, or download and print a PDF version of the checklist.

The content is aimed at the new volunteer, so they can use this as a reference point throughout the conversation, but you can both be guided through what to cover. Make sure you let them see this throughout the conversation, and tick things off as you go through them together.  

An animated graphic of volunteers at a welcome conversation with a welcome conversation checklist

Thank you for taking this next step with us. We want you to have the best welcome possible. Within your first six weeks, you’ll have a chat with a Welcome Conversation Volunteer and your Team Leader. Here, you can chat about everything you need to feel confident in your new role. 

Tick off the following points together for an easy start to your new role. 

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in Scouts. Do you have any access needs we can support you with?
  2. Do you know what tasks you’ll be doing? Let us know which tasks you’ve signed up for and how you’ll plan these in.
  3. At Scouts, we want to help you grow. Chat through our learning and development opportunities.
  4. It’s everyone’s responsibility in Scouts to keep young people safe. Chat through the Scout values, promise, policies, Yellow Card and our Volunteering Culture.
  5. We make your journey easy to follow through Can you access this?
  6. Complete the rest of your joining journey steps.

Top tips

  • Please let us know what pronouns you use and if you have a preferred name? Do we have your correct details?  
  • Volunteering is flexible, so chat to your Welcome Conversation Volunteer to see if there’s something else you’d like to try. 
  • We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or just want to chat, reach out to your Welcome Conversation Volunteer, Team Leader or buddy (if you have one). Thank you for everything you’ve done so far and for having this conversation with us. 

Good luck on your volunteering journey!

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