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The Wood Badge until 2025

Discover our plans for the Wood Badge, and what it will look like in 2024 and 2025

Changing the Wood Badge

From doing some research and talking to our members across the movement, we were told volunteers weren’t too happy with the Wood Badge being mandatory. They thought it was unreasonable and wasn’t relevant enough to most people.  

That’s why we’re re-developing what the Wood Badge should look like today. We’ve looked at its history and heritage, its global presence, and what volunteers in the UK would like to see from an updated Wood Badge. In 2025, we hope to deliver our new framework for the Wood Badge.  

For now, we still think the Wood Badge is important, valuable and meaningful. We’re still offering the Wood Badge to any volunteer who’d like to complete it, and they can do the version most relevant to them. We’re also making it easier to access and understand what’s needed by showing it in our new learning system. 

What’s happening to the Wood Badge

Through 2024 and 2025, we’ll continue to deliver the current Wood Badge, but with some slight changes.  

Instead of a Personal Learning Plan developed with a Training Advisor, we’re simplifying to have two clear versions of the Wood Badge. These are both based on the existing Adult Training Scheme and should be very familiar.  

As quite a few of our old training modules are being discontinued, the new versions of the Wood Badge will contain Growing Roots, plus any modules that remain for that specific version of the Wood Badge, as currently found in POR

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