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Your Personal Learning history when we transition

Learn about how we'll recognise training history as we move systems

Training history

For our existing volunteers, training currently validated on Compass will automatically move across to the new system. Wood Badges will be shown in the system as awards.

After we transition, if you’re missing something, contact the Info Centre.  

From Getting Started to Growing Roots  

All new volunteers at Scouts will need to complete their Growing Roots learning.  

Existing volunteers who’ve validated all their Getting Started modules will be automatically signed off as having completed Growing Roots. 

Volunteers who’ve validated some of their Getting Started modules will need to complete any outstanding learning through our new system. 

How previously validated Getting Started modules match up with the new Growing Roots learning

Validated Getting Started training: GDPR module
Will sign off Growing Roots learning: Data protection in Scouts

Validated Getting Started training: Safety and Safeguarding modules
Will sign off Growing Roots learning: Safe Scouting

Validated Getting Started training: Essential information (module 1)  
Will sign off Growing Roots learning: Who we are and what we do

Validated Getting Started training: Module 4 – Tools for the role (managers and supporters)    
Will sign off Growing Roots learning: Leading Scout volunteers

Validated Getting Started training: Module 3 – Tools for the role (Section Leaders)      
Will sign off Growing Roots learning: Delivering a great programme 

Validated Getting Started training: Trustee introduction 
Will sign off Growing Roots learning: Being a Trustee in Scouts

Validated Getting Started training: All Getting Started modules validated
Will sign off Growing Roots learning: Creating inclusion

Please note that existing volunteers who’ve had their Growing Roots signed off are also recommended to complete: 

  • Creating Inclusion 
  • Any role/team specific learning (once available)

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