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The Adult Training Scheme

Find out how we move from the Adult Training Scheme to the new Learning framework

More Growing Roots learning is coming later

Leading Scout Volunteers and Being a Trustee in Scouts will both be coming in Spring 2024, and should be available when the rest of Growing Roots goes live to the whole movement. However, Early Adopters will not have early access to this content. This is because we want to make sure the new learning has been co-designed and properly tested by volunteers.   

Until those two pieces of learning are ready:

  • Trustees will continue to do the Trustee Introduction module on the learning system, and it’ll now automatically record completion in the system.
  • Lead Volunteers and Team Leaders will do a temporary set of independent learning on the learning system, that’ll also be automatically signed off when completed. This replaces Module 4 until Leading Scout Volunteers is ready.

The Adult Training Scheme

A number of modules will continue to run into 2024 and 2025, until we can replace them. These are:   

  • Module 8 - Skills of leadership 
  • Module 9 - Working with adults 
  • Module 11 - Admin 
  • Module 13 - Growing the section 
  • Module 16 - Residential 
  • Module 18 - Practical Skills  
  • Module 19 - International 
  • Module 25 - Assessing Learning 
  • Module 27 - Instructing Practical Skills 
  • Module 28 - Facilitating  
  • Module 29 - Presenting 
  • Module 36 - Adjustments to Scouts 
  • Module 38 - Skills for Residential Experience 
  • Module 39 - Mentoring and Coaching 
  • Manager & Supporter Skills Courses  

Our first step is to build our new learning tool and the essential learning for new volunteers. When we have those in place, it’ll be much easier to develop and test new learning content.  

We’ll start to create different types of learning content including, e-learning, learning resources, videos, training sessions that can be delivered in-person or virtually, workbooks, and so on. Keep an eye out for opportunities to help us test those new materials.  

We want to continue to develop, update and improve our learning content based on your feedback. So, please look out for more frequent news and updates to the learning.  

We’ll always let you know whether the updates will impact the actual content, or if it’s more a matter of improving the experience with better interactivity, activities, visuals, examples, and so on. 

By the end of 2025, we plan to have replaced all parts of the Adult Training Scheme.  

Validation, Trainers and Training Advisors

While we’re still delivering some of the modules from the Adult Training Scheme, we’ll continue to do validation, though the process will look a little different. Validation will be handled by volunteers in the new Volunteering Development Teams who hold the Learning Assessor accreditation. The criteria for validation will remain largely the same, and we’ll provide clear guidance on the new process. However, as we replace the modules, we’ll move away from this approach to validation and training.

In 2024 and 2025, we’ll test new approaches to how we can deliver learning, how we’ll sign off and how we’ll recognise volunteers for completing their learning.  

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