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Branching Out

Discover our optional learning that can be accessed whenever you’d like

At the top of the trunk, a tree has branches, and it’s here that we’ll find our Branching Out learning. This is for those who want to stretch themselves and see how far they can reach. 

Branching Out is optional learning which volunteers can access whenever they’d like to further develop their skills and knowledge. It spans across a wide range of areas, that’ll help our volunteers deliver excellent programmes. 

It’ll include learning such as practical Scouts skills, delivering adventurous activities, and project and event management skills. These will help volunteers grow Scouts even more and make sure more young people are able to access our activities.  

Our Growing Roots learning content will mostly be delivered online, but the learning in Branching Out will be delivered in many ways. This could include face to face learning opportunities, practical skills workshops, as well as further content in our digital system. 

The Branching Out learning will be based on our previous training content. However, over the next two years, we’ll develop an exciting new kind of content, which will gradually expand our range of learning opportunities and replace our old training modules.  

There are a number of current modules in our Adult Training Scheme we’ll continue to run into 2024 and 2025. As new content is developed, these will gradually be replaced, and by the end of 2025, all our learning should be new. 

These are the modules we’re continuing with currently, until we can replace them: 

  • Module 8 - Skills of leadership 
  • Module 9 - Working with adults 
  • Module 11 - Admin 
  • Module 13 - Growing the section 
  • Module 16 - Residential   
  • Module 18 - Practical Skills   
  • Module 19 - International 
  • Module 25 - Assessing Learning 
  • Module 27 - Instructing Practical Skills 
  • Module 28 - Facilitating   
  • Module 29 - Presenting 
  • Module 36 - Adjustments to Scouts 
  • Module 38 - Skills for Residential Experience 
  • Module 39 - Mentoring and Coaching 
  • Manager and Supporter Skills Courses 

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