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The Learning Tree

Find out all about our core new learning method

If you’re looking for learning, you’re in the right place. Our new way of learning has been designed with one main thing in mind… our volunteers. We want to help volunteers feel capable, confident, and comfortable with any task they come across at Scouts.

We know some volunteers may want to get stuck right into hiking and biking, but first you’ve got to know your stuff! Learning starts here, but that’s not where it needs to end. Learning is ongoing.  

To help you gain the confidence and skills to do great things, we want to give you the best opportunities to learn and develop. This starts with Induction, but throughout your volunteering journey, you’ll come across a mix of ways to learn.

The Learning Tree

This video will introduce the Learning Tree. You can explore the tree on this page, or you can read more about Growing Roots and Branching Out.

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So, what is learning going to look like? In this video, we'll tell you how we're going to change learning over the next few years. We'll introduce the learning tree, a new way for understanding learning in Scouts. We'll start with the learning that’ll help new volunteers grow their roots and feel confident when taking on their new role. We’ll then start to introduce Branching Out learning, aiming to replace all of our current modules by 2025.

We view our new learning experience as planting a tree. First, you'll plant an acorn, grow some roots, and then learn all of the things you'll need to be a fantastic volunteer. The four pieces of learning you'll need to complete to start growing your roots, are: Who we are and what we do, Creating inclusion, Safe Scouting and Data protection in Scouts.

You may need to do a bit more learning depending on the team you join. Trustees will have specific learning relevant for their role to help them understand their responsibilities and how to take them on in practice. Team Leaders and Lead Volunteers will learn the meaning of their roles and how we lead teams in Scouts. If you're helping out directly with our young people, then you'll learn how to start delivering a great programme.

Our next videos will help explain this a bit more. We're aiming to share the growing roots learning with everyone, by early 2024, though we'll already start testing it with some of our volunteers this year. Through 2024, we'll keep polishing the learning based on your feedback. We want to make sure it works well and is a good use of your time.

This means some of our current training will continue as normal for the next couple of years. During 2024 and 2025, we’ll introduce learning that will help you branch out into different topics relevant for you. This will replace our current training scheme and we’ll have lots of new learning become available. We won't stop there though. Just like with any tree, we'll continue to help it grow.

We'll add new learning, update existing learning and remove things that aren't useful anymore. We are going to need your help. We'll need feedback from all of you to make sure our new learning is relevant and useful to you. We'll also work with our amazing training volunteers to continue delivering the existing training and to test and grow our new learning.

This’ll be done through training sessions, e-learning workshops, workbooks and other formats. We hope you now understand the learning tree and when the new changes will come, we'll be using your feedback to improve our new content as we go. You can find out more in our other videos and in the interactive Learning tree.

Thank you.



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