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The Fraser Guidelines

The Fraser Guidelines

The Fraser guidelines (named after Lord Fraser) provide a guide to good practice.
An adult in Scouting may give advice without the parents’ knowledge and consent - if necessary - in the following circumstances:  page 4 of 7

  • The young person must be able to understand the advice being given.

  • The adult cannot persuade the young person to inform his or her parents that he or she is seeking
    contraceptive advice.

  • The adult should only provide contraception if they believe the young person is very likely to begin or
    continue having intercourse with or without contraception.

  • Unless the young person receives contraceptive advice or treatment, their physical or mental health are likely to suffer. For a full set of the guidelines go to FPA factsheet Under 16s: consent and confidentiality in sexual health services April 2016

Remember that any discussions you have with young people should be in accordance with the Young
People First Code of Practice on the Yellow Card, especially:

  • Do plan activities that involve more than one other person being present, or at least are in the
    sight and hearing others

  • Do respect a young person’s right to personal privacy

  • Do remember this code of behaviour even at sensitive moments e.g. when responding to bullying,
    bereavement or abuse