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My Body, My Choice

My Body, My Choice is a resource which has been produced to support those Explorer Scout leaders who wish to address to the topic of sexual health and relationships in their section meeting. It has been produced with the support of Brook, the young people’s sexual health charity, to respond to increasing demands from leaders and young people to support them with such activities.

Useful information:

My Body, My Choice: leaders' notes

My Body, My Choice: handout for young people



Brook is the young people’s sexual health charity.

The charity provides leaflets and publications, training and consultancy as well as a website and interactive tools for young people and professionals. Brook have supported The Scout Association in producing My Body, My Choice – an educational leaflet for young people with notes for leaders.

Simon Blake, Chief Executive of Brook, says: 'We welcome the introduction of this type of no nonsense material. The material is clear and simple and is the type of information young people tell us they need to help them understand how their bodies work and to help them make informed decisions about these matters.’

You can find more resources, which may be of use in organising programmes on the theme of sexual health and relationships within Brook and Scouting and at