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General Activity

General Activity


Make sure your programme has flexibility and your regularly review what you’ve planned to respond to changes in weather and the needs of your group. When the weather is hot, plan to do your very active sessions in the evenings.  During the afternoon heat have rest time or activities in the shade. Make sure you have plenty of refreshment breaks, ensuring that everyone keeps hydrated and takes a break in the shade.

Risk assess

Review your programme and make sure that it is suitable for the conditions, some activities are best avoided to reduce risks when it’s extremely hot and dry, for example fireworks or long hikes in the open.

Activity Leaders

Consider the effect of heat and dehydration on them too as they are overseeing the safety of others.  Make sure that refreshments and shade are available and that rest periods are reviewed so that everyone is fit to do what is required of them.

Sun Safe

Remember the rules of sun safety: slip on a top, slop on some sun cream and slap on a hat. Make sure everyone’s following these rules, and suggest neckers also be worn with t-shirts to protect necks and shoulders from the sun. 

Remind parents to provide sun cream for their child but have some spare in case of need. Make sure it’s a high factor and that opportunities are provided for young people to reapply their own sun cream regularly, every 2-3 hours.

It’s not appropriate for an adult to do this (other than parents to their own child). Ensure that you’re aware of any allergies to sun cream (ask the question on your activity information form) and get young people with allergies to bring their own cream.