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Stay Warm

Stay Warm

Staying warm is important. Make sure everyone knows what kit works to keep them warm and dry.

Layers are best. Take a base layer, mid layer and outer layer and don’t forget hat and gloves for extra protection from the wind. Finish off with a good waterproof coat and trousers.

Don’t wait until you feel cold to layer up. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, grab an extra layer. If you wait then it’s too late and it will take you far longer to warm up again.

Hot drinks and soup are ideal to help keep you warm, hydrated and keep energy levels up.

Consider the effect of the cold and damp on leaders too, as they are overseeing the safety of others.  Make sure that the opportunity to get warm and dry is available. Ensure rest periods are reviewed so that everyone is fit to do what is required of them.