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Report – knowing where to turn if you have a concern

To ensure we have a safe and positive environment for everyone in Scouts, both young people and our volunteers, a number of policies are being updated and new policies introduced to help set a supportive culture and provide volunteers with a robust way of dealing with issues or incidents if they arise.

What’s changing?

There will be changes to various policies and the introduction of new policies in the updated POR in September. All changes focused on protecting the safety and safeguarding of all our members. An overview of the changes to existing policies and what new policies will be introduced can be viewed here ahead of going live in September.

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Watch the webinar to see the team talk through the changes in this area. 

View the slide deck here >

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Prepare – for face to face

Find out more about the plans and guidance being developed to support a safe return to face to face Scouts.

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Learn – having the knowledge you need to keep everyone safe

Find out more about the changes in the training for members.

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Do – how we do things safely

Find out more about where processes and guidance are changing to improve safety.

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