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The Great Indoors Badge

The Great Indoors Badge is not just about learning new skills, this is about bringing out what is already inside you! The different stages allow you to share what you've learnt and find a way to support your community.

Stage 1

In Stage 1 youll learn something new that can teach you something about yourself or the world around you.

Stage 2

In Stage 2 youll create a regular routine for yourself, and see what you've learned and how you can support your community.

Stage 3

In Stage 3 youll share what youve learned with someone else that can be used to help make the world a little better.

The Great Indoors Badge

Scouts has been going since 1907 because weve learnt to adapt to all that happens around us. This is our first ever opportunity to share the Scouts experience wider than we ever have, as we invite all our Scouts and our non-Scout friends, to join in activities from The Great Indoors and earn The Great Indoors Badge.

Why we're doing this badge

We're committed to our vision, by 2023 we'll have prepared more young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme.

The staged badge allows those to be involved in the journey for longer and the opportunity to monitor your own progress through all activities and stages.

Who can get involved in the badge

Anyone over the age of six.

For the first time in history, this badge allows everyone to take part, regardless of whether theyre a Scout or not.

How you can get involved

You can take part in one stage or all three of the stages, the choice is yours.

There are nine activities in each stage and three stages in total, so thats 27 activities you can get involved in. 

On the Great Indoors Badge page we suggest activities to complete through your stages, however you can choose your own activity by clicking the links below. Remember to filter by your age group! 

Track your progress

As you go through each stage we recommend tracking your progress, you can do this in any way you like, whether that's by attaching a chart to the fridge or recording in a notebook.

The most important things to note are.

1. What activity did you do?

2. What did you learn from the activity?

Whether you choose to do it before, during, or after your activities, you can buy your badges.

Share #TheGreatIndoors on social media

We want to see your progress on social media, tag us, tweet us and share your pictures using the hashtag #TheGreatIndoors. 





Earn your badge

To get started head over to The Great Indoors Badge page.

Earn your badge this way

Buy your badge

Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 badges are all sold separately, giving you the flexibility to complete either one, two, or all three of the stages.

Get it from Scout Store

Guidance for adults

Tips on how you can support a young persons learning and idea development with The Great Indoors badge.

Read our tips

Adapt activities

These activities were originally designed for groups meeting face-to-face, so you may have to think on your feet to make them work in the (very unique) situation we’re in. We’ve put together some suggestions for how you could make them work, whoever and wherever you are.

Read the advice