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Free access to Zoom Pro for Scout volunteers

Scouts, so far, have spent 244 million minutes on Zoom!

An update on Zoom licenses

There's still a bit of paperwork to sort with Zoom before we can confirm the extension of the licenses - but they have agreed to extend them for a further twelve months (from May 2022). There's no need to do anything, your licences will just continue. If you haven't got a license yet, you can sign up now.

We've been provided with one licence per Scout Group, District, County/Area/Region(Scot).

You'll need to decide locally who'll sign up for the licence for your Group, District, County/Area/Region before you complete the *access request form. This person will be the main contact and administrator for your licence so do take the time to decide on the right person before signing up. 

If you already have an account set up you are able to cancel this from your next monthly renewal, complete the *access request form and we'll then request a Zoom Pro account for you.

Registration - Please allow one working day for sign up to be complete. If after one working day you have not been registered, please contact the info centre.


We’re currently aware that there is an issue with the one-to-one chat functionality and young people still being able to message volunteers directly. This is a technical issue with Zoom which has been raised with them and is being investigated.

If a young person does directly messages you on chat, please do not respond. Let their parents and your line manager know.

The Zoom offer

Once you have accessed your Zoom pro licence

Sign up for access to Zoom Pro

*By completing the access request form you are giving us permission to pass on your details to Zoom who will then invite you to sign up for an licence (due to the way the Zoom account is set up this step will be completed manually every working day - so the email from Zoom will not come through straight away). 

Register your group

Support using Zoom

Zoom provide full support via their Help Center. You can access videos, user guides and access their technical support team.

Visit the Zoom help center

Zoom support webinar

Watch back the Zoom support webinar run by the Barclays Digital Eagles.

Webinar password: 8I%7de#9

For further support using digital tools like Zoom, email the Digital Eagles to be linked up with one of their team.

Watch the webinar

Check out how many minutes we have spent on Zoom

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