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Scouts Naturalist at home

Discover the three week plan you can follow along with your Scout troop to help them earn their Naturalist Activity Badge.

We’ve planned two online sessions and some activities you can send out to the group for them to complete in their own time. You could run your online meetings two weeks apart to give everyone some time to finish their at home activities – and give everyone a break from online meetings too.

Week 1: An online meeting where you’ll discover some different plants and animals and think about how our activities can affect wildlife.

Week 2: Some challenges to complete at home including some cool nature-spotting apps.

Week 3: A second online meeting to share some facts, complete a craft and award your badges.

Remember to check out our advice on delivering a flexible programme during COVID-19.


More inspiration

  • RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch ​ask you to spend an hour counting the birds you see in your garden or from your balcony.
  • Citizen Science from the Natural History Museum has projects to actively contribute to the Museum's science research.
  • The Wildlife Trusts have some more examples of national and local citizen science projects. 
  • Check out our blog to find out about the UK’s most poisonous plants.