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Care for care homes

We may have hit our goal of 10,000 acts of kindness, but you can still get involved and show you care for care homes.

We may have hit our goal of 10,000 acts of kindness, but you can still get involved and show you care for care homes.

Care homes have been hit incredibly hard by the current global pandemic, from residents falling ill to being separated from their loved ones. Our young people have told us that they usually help care homes throughout the year and that the crisis shouldn’t stop that from happening.

That’s why we asked our young people to collectively carry out 10,000 acts of kindness to help residents in their local care home, become kindness champions and show that they ‘care for care homes’. From crafts to letters, videos to swapping skills, our young people will help care home residents to feel less lonely and more connected during the current health crisis.

We may have hit our goal of 10,000 now, but you can still get involved! 

Kindness 101

If you’re stuck for how to talk about kindness with your group, or need some support in getting involved with care for care homes, the British Red Cross can help. Get in touch to arrange for a Red Cross speaker to join your virtual meeting and run a session for your young people.

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Make sure the care home is ready

Before getting stuck into any of these activities, let a responsible adult reach out to your local care home and ask them the best way that your young people can get in touch and help. Visit the website to find and get in touch with a care home near you.

It’s really important to get in touch first to make sure the care home is able to participate fully – so the responsible adult could ask them things like:

  • Are they able to receive physical things?
  • Is there something in particular they might like or not like?
  • Are they comfortable that this is a safe activity for young people to take part in, and will they make sure no resident enters into one-to-one communication with a young person?

Choose your act of kindness

Decide what you can do safely from home that would both help a care home resident to feel happier and less lonely, but is also fun and challenging for you. Here are some suggestions:


Guidance for adults

Record your action

Help us carry out even more than 10,000 actions by recording your act of kindness for care homes today.

Record your action

Working with

National Care Association

We're working on care for care homes in partnership with the National Care Association - the voice of the nations independent care sector. 

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British Red Cross

We're working with our friends and A Million Hands partner, the British Red Cross on care for care homes. The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

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Further support