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Guidance for Leaders - Developing your risk assessments for face to face activity

Need help with your re-start risk assessment

Watch this video for guidance on completing your COVID-19 re-start risk assessment.

Watch here

For any face to face activity to start written risk assessments will need to be completed and approved locally. Read the guidance for Leaders on preparing to bring everyone back together safely.

Minor updates to provide clarification of how to do Section / Group restart plans and risk assessments.

A COVID risk assessment template can be viewed here.

An editable Word version of the COVID risk assessment template can be downloaded here.

Risk assessment template updated to Version 2 on 15 July to include GDPR statement on how information in the risk assessments will be used.

Update 3 September 2020

This guidance has been updated with information on adapting your Risk Assessment following the recent changes to the Amber readiness level.

Request to re-start your Group

You can now submit your risk assessments to request to re-start your Scout Group. If you need guidance to help you complete the form you can find it here >.

Submit your risk assessment

Share your feedback

This guidance has been developed with volunteers but we know it can improve. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it to help meet the overall framework for safe face to face Scouts please share this here.