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Guidance for Knowing what to do if something goes wrong – including first aid

16 July 2020 - Version 2 of this guidance uploaded to include advice on what to do if someone is taken ill during a Scouting activity.

We’ve provided a training plan for those who deliver first response training to members, this will show which sessions of the syllabus can be delivered virtually whilst face to face training is not practical and which will need to be done once this is allowed when we reach Green readiness level. Download this training plan here.

We’ve also provided a simple sheet to help you track participants progress through first response, identifying which sessions they have completed so that you can track them through to completion of the full course requirements. Only at full course completion, once practical elements have been demonstrated face to face can the Compass record be updated. Access this here.

This guidance outlines how to manage any incidents that should arise as we return to face-to-face Scouting. This includes checklists and things to consider when delivering first aid.

Share your feedback

This guidance has been developed with volunteers but we know it can improve. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it to help meet the overall framework for safe face to face Scouts please share this here.