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Guidance for Finding a safe place to meet

Guidance on buildings and facilities when restarting face-to-face Scout activities

Guidance for Finding a safe place to meet

Update 10 September 2020

Update for Scotland only, removing indoor activities from Amber based on updated guidance from Scottish Government. Changes highlighted in Green.

Update 3 September 2020

This guidance has been updated with information on how to prepare your meeting place for indoor meetings, if possible, while in Amber.

Read it here >

16 July 2020 – Version 2 of this guidance uploaded to include an addition of needing to consider how to deal with members of the public operating in the same space who don’t observe social distancing.

This guidance will help you make sure your buildings and facilities are safe and well maintained when returning to face-to-face meetings and activities.

Share your feedback

This guidance has been developed with volunteers but we know it can improve. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it to help meet the overall framework for safe face to face Scouts please share this here.