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Digital Maker at home

Discover the three week plan you can follow along with your group to help them earn stages one and two of their Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge.

With the help of our friends at Raspberry Pi, we’ve planned two online sessions and some activities you can send out to the group for them to complete in their own time. You could run your online meetings two weeks apart to give everyone some time to finish their at home activities – and give everyone a break from online meetings too.

Week one: an online meeting where you’ll introduce digital making and complete the Astro Pi: Mission Zero project to earn stage one of the Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge.

Week two: some challenges to complete at home including making some animated pixel art and a digital leaf identifier.

Week three: a second online meeting to share the project you completed at home and work on a final challenge together to complete stage two of the Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge.

Remember to check out our advice on delivering a flexible programme during COVID-19. There are loads of coding projects you can work on with your group and we’ve added some ideas at the bottom of the page. Feel free to swap out the activities for something more challenging for your group.