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Cubs Astronomer at home

Discover the three week plan you can follow along with your Cub Pack to help them earn their Astronomer Activity Badge.

We’ve planned two online sessions and some activities you can send out to the group for them to complete in their own time. You could run your online meetings two weeks apart to give everyone some time to finish their at home activities – and give everyone a break from online meetings too.

Week one: an online meeting where you’ll make a model solar system and learn about some different star constellations.

Week two: some challenges to complete at home including making a pin hole projector and keeping a moon diary.

Week three: a second online meeting to share some space facts and award your badges.

Remember to check out our advice on delivering a flexible programme during COVID-19.



Some extra inspiration

  • Mystic biscuit moons is a quick activity to recreate the Moon's phases. 
  • Cosmic kingdom uses a map of the UK to work out which planets go where.
  • Seeing stars let's you make your own planisphere, then take it outside to spot the constellations.
  • Night sky in January is a blog from the UK Space Agency with tips for what to look out for this month.
  • NASA’s What’s up videos show some more top sky watching tips.
  • Stellarium is a web or mobile app to check out the night sky where you are. 
  • NASA app is a great way to see all the latest space content – you can even watch a live view of the earth from the International Space Station.
  • Star walk 2 is a useful (free) app to help you find stars, planets, constellations, and other celestial objects in the sky above you in real time.
  • This Constellation quiz from Cbeebies is a simple way to check your knowledge.
  • Dark skies national parks are holding virtual dark skies festivals throughout February.
An illustrated mnemonic to help you remember the eight planets in The Solar System: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles.