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Delivering a flexible programme during COVID-19

Young people can still work towards badges and awards while at home. Here’s our guidance on making the rules more flexible.

Why we’re adapting the programme

Last updated: 26 March 2021

It’s been a year like no other, but it doesn’t have to stop young people earning badges and awards. As volunteers, you’re the best people to help us adapt the programme – we want to make sure that we recognise and reward young people’s achievements despite the circumstances. We’ve put together some guidance so that you can continue to work with your groups to complete their top awards.

We’re encouraging you to help young people complete the actual requirements for top awards where possible. To help, we’ve added the flexibility to complete any badges and awards by December 2022, regardless of age.

If that’s not possible, we’re asking you to think about adapting requirements, finding alternative ways for young people to demonstrate their ability, or recognising past experience.

Don’t forget to talk to the young people in your section too: any decisions should be informed by their views on their achievements.