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Scouts at home

Discover the benefits of a blended programme

Complementing your day to day programme with online sessions can be a great way to enrich what you're doing. Whether it's your wet weather plan or a way to meet up virtually with another group, we've got lots of activity ideas and advice to help you reap the rewards of running a blended programme.

COVID-19 responsible programme ideas

Some ideas to get you started. Choose from a mix of digital and socially distanced ideas for meetings, activities, and adventures.

Discover the activities


We've put together some activities with video guides to help you get going with online programme sessions.

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Stay connected

You can still stay connected with your groups online. Keeping everyone safe is the number one concern for all of us at the Scouts, so make yourself familiar with our safety online guidelines.

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Adapting the programme

We want young people to stay safe and keep learning, and continue to recognise their hard work and achievements. Our guidance on programme flexibility should help you decide which programme changes to consider and make clear any rules or guidance that must still be followed.

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Support for Scouts at home

Check out the recordings of our virtual programme support webinars. 

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First night back

Getting back to meetings after something like COVID-19 can be tricky. It’s important to address what’s happened, talk about any concerns and acknowledge that things may be different now, but that Scouts will continue.

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Insurance at home
Stay in the know about what Scouting at home means for your insurance by reading our guidance.
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