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Programme Planning Tool FAQs

Our programme planning tool has a bank of over 500 activities to support the Cub and Beaver Scout programmes, this tool can help Leaders and Explorer Scout Young Leaders to plan their terms and sessions with goals designed to help our young members earn badges and achieve awards. This is an additional tool that you can promote during the delivery of module H – Programme Planning as an aid for Explorer Scout Young Leaders. This guide aims to help prepare you for any questions regarding its use, and to familiarise yourself with the workings of the tool, so that you are ready to encourage and guide others to use it

The tool can also be really useful for Explorer Scout Young Leader Missions

Mission 1: Game: Search under Games in the Activity Search area to get good ideas of games to play with your section

Mission 2: Activity: Search for activities you could run with the section, eg: activities that meet requirements of a badge you are working on.

Mission 3: Programme Planning: Use our Off the Shelf programmes for your section, or build your own

Mission 4: Delivery: use to tool to research, plan and organise your activity