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Scout Network socially distanced activities

We know that lots of people are keen to get back to face-to-face Scouts, but that it can be tricky to know exactly what you can do. We’ve put together some ideas to get you started (if you feel ready). There’s a mix of digital and socially distanced ideas for meetings, activities, and adventures.

You must read and follow the detailed guidance on getting everyone back together safely before you resume any activities.



Top awards

Taking part and leading some of these activities and initiatives can count towards the ICV (international, community and values) section of the Queen’s Scout Award and Chief Scout’s Diamond Award.

Digital sessions are a great chance to make the most of internet access and tick off things that are tricky to accomplish in your usual meeting place. You could use video calls to plan future expeditions as part of the awards above, your Explorer Belt, or your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

If you choose to get involved with voluntary projects, they may overlap with the requirements for the Scouts of the World Award (though you’ll need to check out the requirements and register before you plan). The badge description could even help your group find a theme and structure for your programme.

Get SMART is an activity designed to help people set the best targets. You’ll have to adapt it a bit (however much we all relate to the struggle of getting the washing up done), but the structure will help you set great goals, whatever you’re aiming to achieve.