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Ask the UK Network Adviser

Meet Lewis, our UK Section Adviser for Network. Learn what we’re working on in the Network programme, and ask questions or share suggestions about running a Scout Network Unit.

Meet Lewis

A polaroid of UK Network Adviser, Lewis.

Our current work on the Network programme includes:

  • Creating activities in partnership with Magic the Gathering.
  • Updating the Victorinox survival skills activities to be COVID-19 safe.
  • Compiling a collection of content to build understanding of the environmental and climate issues facing us, and how we can make an impact.

Programme ideas

If you missed my last email with ideas for your programme next term, take a look at the archive below:

Watch the webinars

Our section specific webinars give members the opportunity to quiz our section advisers on delivering amazing programmes.

If you’d like to make these videos full screen on a desktop, double click on the video once you have pressed play.

July 2021

March 2021

Presentation slides (Ask the UK Network Adviser, March 2021)
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