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Residential (Gold only)

The Residential section (Gold award only) gives young people the chance to learn how to work with people from different backgrounds and build confidence in new environments.

There are loads of exciting possibilities and opportunities, so encourage something which young people will find fulfilling.

The residential needs to last at least five days and four nights.

However there’s an option to spread this across two weekends. Please check with your County Adviser before choosing this option.

Lots of activities within Scouts are suitable for the Residential section. While young people should be encouraged to try something new, they can take part in a Scout activity as long as it meets the requirements of the section

Things to consider:

  • The young person must be away from home for a minimum of five days and four nights and must have identified an Assessor to complete an assessment when they're done
  • There must be a specific, shared course or activity to broaden experiences and interests done with an organised group, registered charity or Approved Activity Provider (AAP)
  • Consider the group size and make-up: the group shouldn’t be smaller than 5 people (including the young person) and they should be on residential with those they don’t already know well
  • A few participants may know each other in larger groups, but should be separated where possible
  • Before the residential, the participant should carry out appropriate training, briefing or research
  • The Licensed Organisation must have approved the planned residential: wiithin Scouts this approval comes from the County DofE Adviser
  • Being a participant at a World Scout Jamboree, World Scout Moot or any other similar Scouting overnight activity can be used for the Residential section of the Queen’s Scout Award or Gold DofE. However, to ensure the requirements and outcomes of the residential experience are met, young people should not have met their unit/team in person more than 6 times prior to attending.

If in doubt, contact your County DofE Adviser to chat things through.

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