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DofE Programme updates

Below is a list of changes made to the DofE programme which are intended as permanent changes. These are not the same as the #DofEWithADifference COVID-19 programme which lists temporary changes that you can continue to use until 31 December 2022.

Changes to Wild Country Expeditions 

The DofE have closed their Expedition Assessor Networks. This was a Network set up by DofE to support expeditions in wild country and would mainly be in contact with DofE Advisers. If you have any links with members of the Assessor Networks their knowledge of wild country expeditions could be extremely useful in supporting expeditions so please encourage them to join Scouting. They should have already completed the required EASTC (or previously EAAS) module and will need to complete this form for Scouts affilliation.

Green/Blue Forms 

The main changes for leaders will be to expedition admin. Green/Blue forms will no longer be a requirement when submitting an expedition in wild country and you’ll instead complete this process on eDofE at all levels. You should also notify your County/Area DofE Adviser about all expeditions and they may request more information depending on County/Area policy 

Add your qualifications to the Assessor Directory  

If you’ve signed up to use the DofE’s Assessor Directory, make sure you add your skills or permits and your preferred mode of expedition transport to your record, so these skills are visible to groups searching for Assessors. This helps groups to find an Assessor that will be suitable to help them on their expedition. 

The DofE EAAS and ESTC courses are being replaced by the EASTC course 

The DofE have created a new training course to replace the EAAS (Assessor) and ESTC (supervisor). You can find out about the new EASTC (Assessor and Supervisor) course on the DofE’s website. If you have completed the EAAS course up until 2021 your eDofE record will update to show that you have completed the learning of the new EASTC course. The upcoming online Scouts DofE SASU training still counts, will prepare you for upcoming expeditions and is free of charge. For those who have completed the EAAS or ESTC course in 2021, you may have to complete the e-learning Introduction to the Expedition Section and Roles. 

Assessor level change 

Due to the introduction of the EASTC course, all trained assessors will now be able to assess all levels so long as they have the skills and permits to support the expedition.  Previously assessors would need an additional course to support gold expeditions. 

SASU DofE Training

Free April online DofE training for Intro, Supervisors and Assessors.

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