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Our pick for August and September

Our pick for August and September

Football School: Terrific Teams

By Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton, illustrated by Spike Gerrell

Come and join Football School, where football explains the world.

In Terrific Teams, discover the clubs and national teams whose trophies and triumphs have made history, and read 50 true stories of football’s greatest sides.

There are now ten titles in the series to collect!

Great if you love football and are curious about the world.

Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton are the authors of the Football School series. Here are some top stats about them!

First football memory: (Alex) Scotland qualifying for the 1978 World Cup; (Ben) Finishing my first Panini sticker album in 1981.

Greatest football moment: (Alex) Being in Rio de Janeiro when Brazil won the 2002 World Cup; (Ben) Scoring a penalty in front of 25,000 fans.

Real job: (Alex) Writes books about maths, puzzles and Brazilian football; (Ben) Football writer and pundit, also a penalty expert.

Dream job: (Alex) Explorer; (Ben) Footballer

Spike Gerrell does all the fantastic drawings in the Football School books. He grew up loving both playing football and drawing pictures. He now gets to draw for a living! At heart though, he will always be a central midfielder.

Kick off your enrolment into Football School with these awesome activities

Walking football

Take it slow in this twist on a classic team game.

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 20 minutes​​​

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Chair football

They think it’s all sofa... it is now! Play the game sitting down or face the wrath of the ref.

Ages: Everyone | Takes: 40 minutes​​​

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Tripod football

Make a tripod then set it on the pitch. Can you work together to score a goal without abandoning your creation?

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 40 minutes​​​

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Footy fandom

Veterans of the game and those making their debuts come together in this group-led football fact-fest.

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 20 minutes​​​

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