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November 2023

Find activity ideas for occasions and events in November.

Find inspiration for occasions and events to plan into your programme in November. You can view the PDF version of our November calendar or find even more ideas on this page. 

Illustrated calendar for November 2023 in grid format
  • Remembrance (November)
  • Islamophobia Awareness Month (November)
  • Day of the Dead (Wednesday 1 to Thursday 2 November)
  • Bonfire Night (Sunday 5 November)
  • UK Parliament Week (Monday 6 to Sunday 12 November)
  • Origami Day (Saturday 11 November)
  • Armistice Day (Saturday 11 November)
  • Diwali (Sunday 12 November)
  • Inter Faith Week (Sunday 12 to Sunday 19 November) 
  • World Kindness Day (Monday 13 November)
  • Anti-Bullying Week (Monday 13 to Friday 17 November)
  • World Children's Day (Monday 20 November)
  • National Tree Week (Saturday 25 November to Sunday 3 December)
  • St Andrew's Day (Thursday 30 November)

Islamophobia Awareness Month (November)

The theme for this year's Islamophobia Awareness Month is #MuslimStories. It's about connecting people from diverse backgrounds using storytelling. 

Activities to try:

Day of the Dead (1 - 2 Nov)

Day of the Dead is a lively and colourful festival, which celebrates life. It's celebrated in Latin American communities across the world and particularly in Mexico.

Activities to try:

Bonfire Night (5 Nov)

In the UK, Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is the anniversary of a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

Activities to try:

UK Parliament Week (6 - 12 Nov)

UK Parliament Week aims to inspire and engage your people's interest in parliament, politics and democracy.

Activities to try:

Origami Day (11 Nov)

Origami Day is an opportunity to celebrate the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. What can you create with a piece of paper?

Activities to try:

Armistice Day (11 Nov)

Every 11 November is Armistice Day, often known as Remembrance Day. Remembrance honours people who serve to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life.

Activities to try:

Diwali (12 Nov)

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is a festival of lights. It's celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists across the world.

Activities to try: 

Inter Faith Week (12 - 19 Nov)

Inter Faith Week is all about exploring different religions, faiths and beliefs. 

Badges to try:

World Kindness Day (13 Nov)

Whether it's a compliment or a smile, help to spread kindness in every community on World Kindness Day.

Activities to try:

Anti-Bullying Week (13 - 17 Nov)

This year's Anti-Bullying Week is about making a noise about bullying. It starts with Odd Socks Day on 13 November, when people wear odd socks to celebrate how we're all unique.

Activities to try: 

World Children's Day (20 Nov)

World Children's Day is all about children's rights and young people taking action on issues that matter to them. 

Activities to try:

National Tree Week (25 Nov - 3 Dec)

The UK's biggest annual tree celebration, National Tree Week, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.

Activities to try:

St Andrew's Day (30 Nov)

Celebrating their patron saint, St Andrew's Day has been a popular festival in Scotland for over a thousand years. 

Activities to try:

UN Climate Change Conference (30 Nov - 12 Dec)

The largest annual gathering on climate change. This year's event, known as COP 28, will be held in Dubai.

Activities to try: