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International involvement

International involvement

Most of the major regional or County organised camps in the UK are referred to as ‘International’, yet the degree to which this description is accurate varies between camps. There is a great variation on the proportion of international participants, ranging from 10% up to 50%. In general, the highest percentages depend on a number of conditions:

  • A long history of international camps
  • A requirement that UK participants host overseas Scouts
  • Relatively small camps of around 1000 participants
  • Repeat bookings dependent on on-going relationships

After the camp it is good to follow up the visit with a report on how you think things have gone. You may wish to conduct an informal evaluation with leaders of visiting groups either at the end of the camp or shortly after they have returned home.

  • Ensure you have adequate information so that you can write to your visiting
    groups, possibly with information about the next International Camp
  • Ask for suggestions on how the camp can be improved
  • Encourage on-going pen pal links to maintain contact with groups
  • Encourage UK participants to visit their new friends or take part in camps in other countries