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Suggested selection process

As a UK Contingent we have produced guidance to support Scouting locally with the recruitment of Unit Leadership Teams for the 25 World Scout Jamboree.

As a UK Contingent we have produced guidance to support Scouting locally with the recruitment of Unit Leadership Teams for the 25 World Scout Jamboree.  

We recommend looking at ‘Top Tips for Inclusive Recruitment’. This gives some of our ideas based on best practice gained over the years.  


Important focus of the Unit Leadership Team 

Remember the Unit Leader is expected to demonstrate and advocate our Scout values through their leadership, and infuse the UK Contingent’s vision into local actions and plans. 

The safety and wellbeing of everyone attending the World Scout Jamboree is paramount, the Unit Leadership Team will ensure that the Unit is supported by and operating in accordance with our safer Scouting policies and guidelines at all times. Our Yellow Card is an example of this good practice. 



Initial Briefing Meetings

Each County / Nation / British Scouting Overseas should feel empowered to do slightly different things.

We strongly recommend that local scouting organises these initial online briefing meetings.

  1. Life as a Unit Leader (You could also signpost to the one the UKC are hosting as well- see below)
  2. Explaining your local selection process
Unit Leader PPT
PPTX – 11.0MB



Each County / Nation / British Scouting Overseas location will have their own process.  We know that many are considering a review of how things have been done previously and provide this as a suggested selection process.  

Create a search group made up of young people (the 25 WSJ is shaped by young people), your International Commissioner, and a past Unit Leader. 


Selection Event  

Think about what you are hoping to achieve out of this event. If you can make the event at an accessible location at a time suitable for those with other commitments.