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IST and me

(THIS PAGE IS ARCHIVED) It's a big personal commitment becoming part of the International Support Team

You can find out about your eligibility to apply in our getting involved section,  but let's have a think about some of the additional things you'll need to consider if you apply for IST.

We’re open to everyone becoming IST but the 25 World Scout Jamboree (25WSJ) can be a challenging environment.

It is likely that Korea will be hot and humid. The IST role expected will involve long hours and you may need to cover a lot of ground.

Your personal physical fitness is an important consideration to applying. Reach out to us is you’d like to discuss how you could make the role work for you.

We’re provided this detailed information about commitment to support you with making an informed decision, but if there’s still something you feel you need to know then use the IST Support Portal to ask a question to the UK Contingent.


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