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Building the dream

The 25 World Scout Jamboree provides The Scouts with an opportunity to be stand up for what we believe in at home and abroad. Follow our journey by checking out up to date news and articles.

October 2021

Our roar is growing

We’ve appointed our UK Contingent Support Team, the volunteers who deliver specific projects like unit support, programme creation, photography, videography and logistics. This completes our UK Contingent Management Support Team, a diverse group of adults who will help create our World Scout Jamboree dream.  

Find out more and recap our journey to date in Liz’s blog.

Our tiger has a name…

We’re loving seeing our tiger appearing in materials across the UK and British Scouts Overseas promoting opportunities to take part in our unique and sustainable international adventure. As you’ve clearly welcomed our ‘friend’, it’s time we made some proper introductions.

Find out the tiger’s name and the young people who created it in Kester Sharpe’s blog. 

Have you got a question?

See if we've already answered it in our frequently asked questions section.

We are updating this on a regular basis as the dream starts to build.


September 2021

International Service Team: getting ready to build our dream team

From your messages and questions, we know many of you are excited about International Service Team applications opening in November. With a few weeks to go we’re sharing a bit more information about the process. 

Read: Jonathan’s first International Service Team blog post.

August 2021

Summer Update 2021

14 August 2021

UK Contingent Leader, Liz Walker, provides an update on our progress.

With my best whiskers (sorry wishes)- Summer update 2021

July 2021

Missed the Unit Leader webinar?

17 July 2021

Don't worry we 're-roar-ded' it!

A recording of our Unit Leadership Recruitment webinar held on 13 July 2021 is now available to watch on Vimeo.



Contingent Support Team applications have closed

9 July 2021

Thank you to everyone who has applied to be part of the Contingent Support Team. We've been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm!

Good luck to everyone who as applied.

Too late? 

There's always Unit Leadership teams which are starting to recruit now or International Support Team (IST), more details about that in Autumn but you can register your interest now.

June 2021

Encouraging local adults to show their stripes

30 June 2021

We’re not afraid to do things differently, and neither should you! We want you to get your teeth into our Unit Leader recruitment materials to create the most inclusive, diverse and successful recruitment campaign for Unit Leaders yet.

Act: It’s time to invite your future unit leadership team to roar!

UK Contingent Support Team recruitment is open

12 June 2021

Dreams only come true when we work together, that's why we're a team. 

Are you the missing team-player from the UK Contingent dream line up?

We’re on our journey to the 25 World Scout Jamboree (25 WSJ) and looking to recruit committed, passionate go-getters from UK Scouts or Girlguiding to join the UK Contingent Support Team (CST).

Act: Take a look at the fantastic volunteering opportunities available


Helping you to show your stripes

12 June 2021

UK Contingent material on the Brand Centre

You are probably starting to think about local materials to promote your 25WSJ journey. The 25WSJ Brand Guidelines have now been added to the Brand Centre along with our logo. Just search “UK Contingent” in the centre.

Take time to understand the correct use so that our amazing brand, that was co-created by the UK Contingent Youth Shaped Team, has maximum impact. We have also consulted on how we should describe our host country so plenty in the guidelines for you.

…and please don’t be afraid to roar!

Dream: Review our brand guidelines and let your imagination go wild 

Young people pressing ‘paws’ on the way we do things

9 June 2021

The UK Contingent’s vision challenges us to be brave and bold.

For the 25 World Scout Jamboree, we are empowered to do things differently, which is why we are proud to release the UK Youth Shaped Team into the wild.

Think: Young people pressing ‘paws’ on the way we do things

Welcoming adults to show their stripes

7 June 2021

We've sharing with the Counties/Nations and British Scout Overseas their initial unit allocation (how many patrols they could send to the 25WSJ).

Although we're asking Scouts locally to not start Unit Leader recruitment just yet, Deputy UK Contingent Leader (People), Clive Leader, shares ideas about the thinking big that can be happening now.

Think: Welcoming adults to show their stripes

Releasing the brand in to the wild

5 June 2021

Deputy UK Contingent Leader (Engagement), Rob Murray, roars about the brand which will represent the UK Contingent at the 25 World Scout Jamboree in Korea. 

Think: Releasing the brand into the wild

More 25 World Scout Jamboree webinars announced

4 June 2021

We’re holding two further WSJ webinars soon. On Wednesday 23 June we’ll focus on Contingent Support Team volunteering opportunities. On Tuesday 13 July the focus will be on the role of Unit Leaders.

Act: register to take part in these events

May 2021

What's happening within the UK Contingent

21 May 2021

UK Contingent Leader, Liz Walker, provides an update on our progress as of the 21 May 2021. 

Think: What's happening within the UK Contingent.