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Data Privacy

25 World Scout Jamboree

TSA may contact you and your child (where you are applying on their behalf) with regards to the 25 World Scout Jamboree (25WSJ or the Event) or related events for a period of up to 5 years post the end date of the 25WSJ, for the purposes of gathering information, including regular surveys for the Event or to facilitate support to future UK Contingents including the 26 World Scout Jamboree.  

We're committed to protecting the privacy of all personal data you provide us for this event registration. The following statements describe what we're doing with this data and how long we store it so you are fully informed prior to you submitting the personal information for you and your child (where you are applying on their behalf) event registration. 

We ask for this personal data to facilitate your registration for this event. We'll only collect information necessary for participation in the Event. 

This data will be shared with other organisations and third parties in order to process the registration and facilitate your participation on the event. Only relevant data will be shared with such parties. These may include, our event management system (Aventri), travel providers (including Travel Places), Members of the UK Contingent and The Scouts and your relevant county, Nation/BSO and any other organisation that may reasonably require your data to enable participation in the 25 World Scout Jamboree. 

Photos or videos may be taken during this event by an official photographer, a member of the UK Contingent Management Support Team (CMST) or International Service Team (IST), and these may occasionally be used online or in printed literature by the Scouts or our event partners. By attending this event, you acknowledge to the possibility of being photographed and your image (or that of your child, where you are applying on their behalf) being used in this manner. We will not seek to identify specific individuals by name in photographs, unless explicit consent for this is obtained from you first in advance. If a specific image of you is used online by the Scouts, and you wish us to withdraw consent for us to use that image of you or your child (where you are applying on their behalf), then please get in touch with us specifically. 

This personal data will be retained by us for up to 5 years after the conclusion of the 25 World Scout Jamboree. The data will be used throughout the World Scout Jamboree to monitor the diversity of the event, and before the end of the period this data will be anonymised but retained for future comparisons. 

The personal details provided will be destroyed securely within 5 years post the end date of the 25WSJ.

All data is held securely in the Scouts digital file systems, including the registration portal provided by Aventri. In addition, the Scouts will make use of the HubKen platform (HubKen Group Privacy Notice) to manage the participants journey’s online along with Freshworks ( to capture detail on safety incidents that may occur during the Event

Full details of the Scouts data protection policies can be found at


Data Controller Contact:

The Scout Association, Gilwell Park, Chingford, E4 7QW 

020 8433 7100 

Point of contact - Events Team 

Nominated Data Protection Officer: 

Please contact us at with any enquiries you may have about the event.