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Proud to be #TeamUK

The UK Contingent to the 25 World Scout Jamboree in Korea will be bold and brave in preparing young people with skills for life.

Introduction to the UK Contingent 

We are proud to be #TeamUK. For this World Scout Jamboree, we’re led by Liz Walker, supported by three Deputies Peter Wilson, Rob Murray & Clive Leader. 

Every team needs leadership. The UK Contingent leadership team-is made up of Cub Leaders, Explorer Leaders and volunteers from across the UK who will support big thinking and acting together to make it happen. Here is our team in full: 

We want to Think big. Dream wild. Act together. To achieve this and to help deliver ‘Skills for life’. We will: 

"deliver a unique and sustainable international adventure shaped by young people. Rising to the challenges faced, we will facilitate the development of all participants and strive to be the most inclusive UK Contingent ever. Through engaging the whole of The Scouts on the journey, we will have a positive longer-term impact both on Scouting and the local communities where we live."