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IST Experience

From delivering programme to running cafés and providing pastoral support, the International Service Team (IST) at the World Scout Moot are the backbone of the event. The UK are building a team of fantastic IST that are committed to working in international teams to support the delivery of an amazing experience for 5000+ people.  

Whilst we can’t guarantee exactly what each of our IST will be up to at the Moot just yet, we can say that they will be supported by a dedicated CMT, who are working hard to provide an excellent IST experience.

The IST Journey 

  1. Potential IST hear about the World Scout Moot and can access all the information needed to make an informed decision about applying.
  2. Potential IST sign up for the Moot via an easy and transparent process. Only necessary information is requested, so there is no lengthy sign up form.
  3. IST are selected for the Moot based on their good standing in local Scouting. The selection will be transparent and inclusive. There will be no travel to selection events necessary, in order to minimise the cost of taking up the opportunity and reduce our environmental impact.
  4. IST will be supported before the event via one regional meeting, one national meeting and a range of communications. IST will receive all the training and support they need in order to prepare them to get the most out of the event, regardless of previous experience. Those IST with experience will be given a platform to support less experienced members.
  5. IST will be supported on the event by the CMT and their peers. IST will have the training they need to be self-sufficient when appropriate, whilst it will also be clear how and when contacting the CMT or Moot organising team is best.
  6. Post event, the IST will be supported to reflect on their experience, in order to translate the skills and competencies they’ve developed into their life at home.

IST Role Description

Read more about the role of IST as part of the UK Contingent.

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