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Your route to the Moot

Personal development opportunities from now all the way to the Moot.

Congratulations! You may be considering applying to come to the Moot, or have started to think about your application. Whatever stage you are at, your journey starts here! The time in the build up to the Moot provides a fantastic opportunity to complete your Scouting awards, and also build skills and experience that you can use for a lifetime.  

We want everyone coming to Ireland to think about their development and how they can get the most out of their Route to the Moot. 

Here are a few examples of what you can do using the Moot to support your personal development 

Chief Scout's Diamond Award, Queen's Scout Award & Duke of Edinburgh's Awards
  • Complete your top Scouting or Duke of Edinburgh's Awards with a Moot theme. 
  • Learn a new language or fundraising as a skill or get “Moot fit” by completing 25 park runs for your physical.
  • Use the Moot to complete an International, Community or Values Project.
Scouts of the World Award
  • Become “international” by finding out about and completing this award. How many Moot SOWA teams can we get? 
Adult Leader Training
  • Why not validate your international module (19) by running an Irish-themed activity? 
  • Plan and run a youth section international challenge or activity badge for your programme planning module (12).
Skills for Life
  • Apply for a passport.
  • Plan and budget for the event.
  • Learn more about different cultures by making friends with Moot attendees from across the world on social media.

During the lead up to the Moot we will be adding lots of content to give you some ideas and suggestions. 

How have you used the Moot to support you? Share you experiences and ideas on our social media accounts! #routetothemoot

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