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The world around us and how we treat it is hugely important. In what we do; how we act and the decisions we make.

Sustainability is one of our contingent objectives, we are embedding it into all our planning. For example, we will be holding regional briefings to cut down travel and hosting these events close to major cities to encourage travel by public transport.  

We will make sustainable decisions in our planning.

All Contingent members are empowered to act sustainable.

Our travel partners will get us to the Moot in the most sustainable way.

Our Contingent Kit will be ecologically sourced.

Throughout our journey to the Moot we will keep you updated on what we are doing to be sustainable, but we want everyone to be involved. Here are a few examples of what you can do 

  • Don’t buy new kit for the Moot. Can you borrow equipment from friends and family? 
  • When fundraising, try and be paper-free. Publicise your events on social media 
  • If a group of you are going to the Moot and are meeting up; why not share travel or get-together online? 
  • Share your idea! Got a great example of your sustainability in action or a good idea for the whole contingent? Share it on our social media accounts or drop us an email on

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