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Our Objectives

Alongside attending the World Scout Moot, the UK Contingent to Moot has 4 project objectives. Our objectives will act as our compass. They are the fundamental principles we’ll follow to achieve our goals. We hope you will agree with the Contingent Management Team that they are all important - We expect all members of the UK Contingent to play their part in helping to deliver these aspirations.

We want to deliver an enjoyable and successful experience for the UK Contingent attending the World Scout MootTo do this, we want our contingent to be: 


We will be an inclusive, affordable and representative UK Contingent.


We will be empowered to be more environmentally conscious and sustainability will be embedded into our decisions.


We will be engaged in activities and decisions; be able to develop and deliver a positive outcome to scouting.


We will be prepare, inform and support each other so that we all enjoy our Moot Experience.

These are all of our objectives and we want everyone to be involved with achieving them. This can be done is a variety of ways, sharing with us your sustainability ideas; setting up a local group to fundraise; attending contingent events, but most of all by supporting each other. 

The work the CMT does in preparation and delivery are measured against them and we will keep you regularly updated with our progress.  

We will be using our objective badges in our communications to show where a piece of work is contributing to achieving an objective 

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Contingent Objectives